mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Comparing Old European Kitchens with Today's Modern Style

European interior design and architecture have always been on the flamboyant side. They really play on the aesthetics while maintaining functionality at the same time. In short, European-inspired rooms are very beautiful to look at, but being pretty is not the only thing they can boast. These rooms last for a long, long time, as evidenced by the countless old homes all over the continent that have stood for over hundreds of years. Kitchens are most especially resilient through the years.

General Description

If you take a look at European rooms, it appears that many similarities remain between kitchens in the regency era and present-day ones. Things may have since toned down, but the underlying elements still remain.

Stone floors and large cupboards are traditional in a European kitchen. Photo by ChalonHandmade at

Stone floors and large cupboards are traditional in a European kitchen.
Photo by ChalonHandmade at

For example, a standard kitchen will usually have a stone floor. Kitchens preserved for hundreds of years would have stone walls as well, with hewn rocks mortared to look like large bricks. This is why if the kitchen is built from the ground up, designers will often incorporate a stone wall or archway into the room. These features contribute to the European feel of the kitchen. Some would even include a stone hearth.

Most European kitchens also have one or more kitchen tables at the center of the room. Benches or stools are tucked underneath, although most of the tables also double as storage units. Shelves and drawers are built beneath them.

Speaking of storage, kitchen cabinets are usually elevated from the floor. Some are even as high as a foot off the ground. There are plenty of cabinets above the counters too. All shelving units are subtle and designed in such a way that guests will not easily find the doors to open them. Hinges are concealed behind overlay details, drawer handles are unobtrusive and majority of the cupboards have doors.

Smaller appliances are tucked into cabinets. Photo by ChalonHandmade at
Smaller appliances are tucked into cabinets.
Photo by ChalonHandmade at

Counters with granite tops line the walls, and appliances that no longer fit into the shelves and overhead cabinets are placed neatly on top. You can expect that a large portion of the counter will remain vacant though since Europeans love using the space for preparing food. Italians, for instance, are known to knead dough and cut pasta slices atop their kitchen counters.

A kitchen island, which is big enough to serve as a kitchen table, with built-in shelving and stool Photo by ChalonHandmade at
A kitchen island, which is big enough to serve as a kitchen table, with built-in shelving and stool
Photo by ChalonHandmade at

There is also a kitchen island in a European kitchen. Sometimes the sink is found here, but with enough space left for food preparation or a basket of fruit.

The stove is the prime attraction of a European kitchen. Old-fashioned stoves are big and made of stone. They are built with stone vents that taper upward and through the roof. This is where smoke from cooking escapes out of the kitchen.

European kitchens tend to be bright and airy too, except for those that are built in the basement level. The windows are high up the wall, so there are fewer overhead cabinets and more floor-length cupboards.

Modern European Design Concepts

Interior designers will strive to preserve the traditional and trademark features of a European kitchen, and at the same time give it a modern look.

For people who are not fans of stone walls and floors, they can still have a European-designed kitchen even if the floors are paneled with wood. They just need to compensate by choosing wisely the furniture and accents in the kitchen. A kitchen island with counter and stools, for example, can lend a European touch to any kitchen.

Grow your own basil and other herbs in your kitchen. Photo by Brian Warren at
Grow your own basil and other herbs in your kitchen.
Photo by Brian Warren at

You can also take to hanging bunches of herbs above the island, like cloves of garlic and onion springs. Keep a pot of basil plant on the counter too, so you can just cut fresh leaves to garnish your dishes anytime. Many rustic, European households do this.

Of course, it is also possible for European houses to have themes different from the traditional style. Instead of a large stove, an ultra-modern kitchen will probably have one of those slim, state-of-the-art flat stoves with glass covers. The color palettes will also depart from the traditional warm tones in favor or all white, all black, or a combination of bright and quirky colors.

What Makes a Kitchen European?

In the end, the appearance of the kitchen matters less than the cooking activity going on in the kitchen. That is ultimately what makes the room feel European.

For example, if the homeowner is an avid fan of Italian cooking methods, he will arrange and design his kitchen in such a way that there won’t be anything that would disrupt the flow of his cooking. There will be a granite-topped kitchen counter, lots of spices in easy reach (meaning they are displayed in open cupboards, if not permanently placed on the kitchen table), and a large stove and oven.

Tina (picture)

Tina Madsen is a design enthusiast who brings her passion for modern décor and writing to her role as the blogger.  She also specializes in turning small living areas into spacious social hubs with bar stools and counter stools

lundi 24 juin 2013

A Passion for Vintage Style - Purple Spaces

Hi, I'm Susi from the Arcadian Home Blog where I write about lighting trends and decorating ideas using amazing home decor and light fixtures. In both fashion and décor, smoky purple is a stylish choice. Smoky purples can range from reddish plums to silvery lavenders. The darker shades of smoky purple are often called plum. Whatever you call it, smoky purple makes for a stylish color in decor and decorating.

Purple Interiors

Smoky purple walls and upholstery give this living room a sophisticated look. Smoky purples can range in hue from deep to plum to lavender, and this vintage round mirror adds a decorative element to the space.

Purple Interiors

Love the dusty, smoky purple of the curtains in this formal antique filled room. Smoky purple is gorgeously paired with browns and golds in the form of buffet lamps and soft textures.

Purple Interiors

There is a huge range in colors that fall into smoky purple. Love the purple upholstery on the sofa in this atmospheric room. It has a nice cool grey undertone to the color.

Purple Interiors

Like most deep saturated colors, smoky purple looks great paired with lots of white. If you paint a wall a smoky purple, offset the dark color with white trim, and perhaps add in vintage bathroom light fixtures for character.

Purple Interiors

Smoky purple pairs well with metallics in silver and gold. Along with white, metallics in lamps and furnishings can bring light to a darker color on the walls or upholstery.

Purple Interiors

Smoky purple can also be used as a neutral when paired with brighter versions of cool colors. Smoky purple with aqua has a lot of energy, while smoky purple and navy would be more dramatic.

Purple Interiors

Some smoky purples are more smoke than purple, like this wall color. Purple tinted grey is a gorgeous neutral choice for walls. Amazing contrast between the taxidermy on the wall and the sparkling chandelier.

Purple Interiors

Smoky purple, or plum, can also be paired with warmer tones, like pink. Dark and dramatic, plums and smoky purples are sophisticated colors. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these purple color inspirations? Don't forget to visit our blog for more home accessories and decorating ideas!

lundi 10 juin 2013

What Is Eco-Paint And Why Is It Important

Green paint or eco-paint as it’s often known is becoming increasingly popular as an option for decoration at home.

Of course, there are a number of reasons why people tend to choose green paints over the traditional sort. Conventional paints are full of VOCs, otherwise known as volatile organic compounds. These are known to cause all sorts of issues with health and the emissions that come from them last for years.

These compounds are added to conventional paint to speed up the drying time and also the thickness and coverage of the item. However, there are plenty of raw and natural alternatives out there that have similar benefits and have been in existence for hundreds of years.


VOCs as we’ve mentioned are blended into traditional paints to allow it to be more effective as paint. These cause a number of problems however; the VOCs are bad for the respiratory system and can cause a range of illnesses.

One of the biggest things to look out for when purchasing paint of this sort, is the incidence of paint companies posing as a green option to paint buyers. There are limits to the amount of VOCs that can be placed in paint, however many companies will lower these to relatively miniscule levels and then sell paint as a green alternative. This is not the case and many of these reduced VOC paints still contain a number of toxins and are still bad for health and for those that have to spend time around them.

Green Paint

There are plenty of paints that have low levels of these toxins, though only eco interior paint has none and very little or no environmental impact. These paints are free of all the toxins, VOCs and plasticizers that come in other paints and will not cause damage to your home or the people who live there.

If you are looking for these eco paints you will often find they are accredited by green companies who have tested them to be of the very highest standard and will certify their green credentials. This is something of a benefit and will showcase the differences between these completely VOC free paints and paints that merely have low VOC content and still cause damage.

These paints are often made from foods and proteins found in things such as milk, lime and also plants. The will be non-toxic and are eco-friendly. The paints are tested to the highest standard and in most cases are found to be almost as durable if not equally as durable as many of the traditional paints with high levels of VOCs. These paints can be used in everything from compressors to the end of a brush too.

This means that there is little or no excuse to purchase the alternative. They also don’t cost a significant amount more than the paints with high levels of VOCs, cementing their place as a choice for people looking for paints.

Purchasing eco-paint can really make all the difference to your home, health and that of your family and should be considered for your next project.
James Smith has written a number of articles on eco paint and is a lover of the environment and also DIY and often paints his furntiure using eco-paint and compressor hiren Bestahire.

samedi 8 juin 2013

La langue d'Ikea

Il y a plein d'outils pour apprendre la langue de Shakespeare ou Dante sous forme de CD, DVD ou doctionnaires et livres de grammaires .

Dès à présent et tout nouvau sur le marché, vous pouvez également apprendre la langue d'IKEA. En effet, pour comprendre une culture ou un univers il faut en connaître la langue.

Le suédois est à la portée de votre souris grâce au site "IKEA in Swedish". Vous cliquez sur la photo désirée et la voix douce d'une dame s'entend. Vous pourrez cliquer à foison pour l'entendre répéter!

Elle vous dira des mots comme Jämka, Marius ...

IKEA in Swedish

mardi 14 mai 2013

Le ciné en 1927 ... un retour nostalgique et coloré

Après des semaines de silence radio, j'ai enfin trouvé quelque chose à partager. ;-)

C'est en fait un petit film, un des premiers en couleurs, montrant le Londres de 1927. Ce film a été tourné par un certain Claude Friese-Green, un cinématographe londonien né en 1898 et mort en 1943. Il est connu pour sa collections de films appelée "The Open Road"  (1926). Il est également l'inventeur du procédé "Biocolour".

Je vous laisse apprécier.

La musique est de Jonquil and Yann Tiersen.


via PetaPixel

vendredi 12 avril 2013

Relooking d'un mur de mon bureau

Lors du weekend pascal dernier, le temps était tellement gris que je suis  restée à la maison ...

En fait non, il a fait beau mais je suis comme même restée enfermée pour relooker mon bureau. Dingo, n'est-ce pas?!

Rangement et ordre

J'ai besoin d'ordre pour bien travailler. Et donc il me fallait des étagères pour ranger mes papiers et autres outils de travail ... mais aussi pour mieux disposer mes poteries vintages. On ne se refait pas n'est-ce pas! ;-)

C'est ainsi que j'ai placé des étagères vintage et allemandes de la marque "Element System". Cette marque existe toujours mais mes étagères datent des années 70. Je les ai achetées chez Troc International pour 29 euros. La bonne affaire !

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Element System - Les planches Element System - Les planches[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Element System - Les barres et équerres métalliques Element System - Les barres et équerres métalliques[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Element System - La première pose de la première barre métallique Element System - La première pose de la première barre métallique[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Element System - Les équerres posées ...cela donne. Element System - Les équerres posées ...cela donne.[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Element System - Le tout posé. Element System - Le tout posé.[/caption]

Je suis très contente du résultat. Le noir, le bois et le mur vert se marient parfaitement. Une atmosphère vintage que j'adore!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Element System - Le résultat final Element System - Le résultat final[/caption]

Qu'en pensez-vous?

Sources Photos: Faites par MesDécoVertes. Demander accord au préalable.

mercredi 10 avril 2013

Le festival du film fantastique (BIFFF) 2013 - Bruxelles

Aller à ce festival c'est vivre une expérience cinématographique complètement différente. On peut dire que c'est aller à la rencontre d'une autre culture avec ses propres us et coutumes.

Rentrez dans une salle du BIFFF et vous pénétrez un univers parallèle. Vous ne serez pas là seulement pour regarder un film comme dans une salle de cinéma classique mais pour le "transcender". En effet, les "grands" habitués du BIFFF apporteront leurs visions et commentaires totalement décalés. C'est comme une deuxième bande-son ! Et donc une nouvelle histoire!

Ce festival prenait ses quartiers normalement chaque année au Passage 44.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="477"]Passage 44 - Bruxelles Passage 44 - Bruxelles[/caption]

Après un passage à Tour et Taxis, il a pris possession cette année du Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR).

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="551"]Les Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles - Entrée Le Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles - Entrée[/caption]

Oui! Un de nos hauts lieux culturels bruxellois construit par Victor Horta (Mouvement Art Nouveau): Expositions et rétrospectives artistiques, concerts de musique classique, ... y sont organisés.

Mon premier film a été projeté dans la prestigieuse salle Henri Le Boeuf ... Un pari inimaginable mais 100% réussi.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]La salle Henri Le Boeuf - Le Palais des Beaux-Arts - Bruxelles La salle Henri Le Boeuf - Le Palais des Beaux-Arts - Bruxelles[/caption]

Le BIFFF est le festival de cinéma le plus fantastique (à mon humble avis ;-))

A côté des projections de films d'horreur, sci-fi ou fantastiques, le festival est connu pour le body painting et make-up fantastique.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]BIFFF 2013 - Des personnages étranges hantent les Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles BIFFF 2013 - Des personnages étranges hantent le Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]BIFFF 2013 - Envie d'une séance de maquillage? BIFFF 2013 - Envie d'une séance de maquillage?[/caption]

Et pour terminer voici quelques photos "atmosphères" de l'évènement:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="407"]BIFFF 2013 - Un hamburger aux oignons frits ... bon par trop pour moi! BIFFF 2013 - Un hamburger aux oignons frits ... bon par trop pour moi![/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]BIFFF 2013 - La salle de "réunion" BIFFF 2013 - La salle de "réunion"[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]BIFFF 2013 - Défilé des affiches officielles du BIFFF, depuis l'année de création, signées par de grands noms de la B.D. et autres dessinateurs. BIFFF 2013 - Défilé des affiches officielles du BIFFF, depuis l'année de sa création, signées par de grands noms de la B.D. et autres dessinateurs.[/caption]

Sources Photos: Faites par MesDécoVertes. Demander accord au préalable.