lundi 10 juin 2013

What Is Eco-Paint And Why Is It Important

Green paint or eco-paint as it’s often known is becoming increasingly popular as an option for decoration at home.

Of course, there are a number of reasons why people tend to choose green paints over the traditional sort. Conventional paints are full of VOCs, otherwise known as volatile organic compounds. These are known to cause all sorts of issues with health and the emissions that come from them last for years.

These compounds are added to conventional paint to speed up the drying time and also the thickness and coverage of the item. However, there are plenty of raw and natural alternatives out there that have similar benefits and have been in existence for hundreds of years.


VOCs as we’ve mentioned are blended into traditional paints to allow it to be more effective as paint. These cause a number of problems however; the VOCs are bad for the respiratory system and can cause a range of illnesses.

One of the biggest things to look out for when purchasing paint of this sort, is the incidence of paint companies posing as a green option to paint buyers. There are limits to the amount of VOCs that can be placed in paint, however many companies will lower these to relatively miniscule levels and then sell paint as a green alternative. This is not the case and many of these reduced VOC paints still contain a number of toxins and are still bad for health and for those that have to spend time around them.

Green Paint

There are plenty of paints that have low levels of these toxins, though only eco interior paint has none and very little or no environmental impact. These paints are free of all the toxins, VOCs and plasticizers that come in other paints and will not cause damage to your home or the people who live there.

If you are looking for these eco paints you will often find they are accredited by green companies who have tested them to be of the very highest standard and will certify their green credentials. This is something of a benefit and will showcase the differences between these completely VOC free paints and paints that merely have low VOC content and still cause damage.

These paints are often made from foods and proteins found in things such as milk, lime and also plants. The will be non-toxic and are eco-friendly. The paints are tested to the highest standard and in most cases are found to be almost as durable if not equally as durable as many of the traditional paints with high levels of VOCs. These paints can be used in everything from compressors to the end of a brush too.

This means that there is little or no excuse to purchase the alternative. They also don’t cost a significant amount more than the paints with high levels of VOCs, cementing their place as a choice for people looking for paints.

Purchasing eco-paint can really make all the difference to your home, health and that of your family and should be considered for your next project.
James Smith has written a number of articles on eco paint and is a lover of the environment and also DIY and often paints his furntiure using eco-paint and compressor hiren Bestahire.

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