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Interior Design Ideas For A Small Living Space Like An Apartment Or Loft

Small spaces like lofts and apartments can present some design challenges, but you can also allow yourself to be very creative when space is limited. There are many interesting things that you can do that add character to your space and make it more functional. There are ways to decorate a small space to keep it stylish and efficient.

The Kitchen

Kitchens can be a difficult room to decorate when they are small, but they can become a major place to create storage. If you only have a few upper cabinets to stash dishes and other kitchen essentials, try building some open shelves on the walls. This is easy because all it takes is some wood and a few brackets. Then, you can place small appliances, extra dishes and serveware and even small decorative items like cases and bowls on these shelves. Stick with metal brackets and paint the shelves in a dark wood to keep them modern.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are often neglected because they tend to be small and we do not spend a lot of time in there. However, you can make a few small changes in your bathroom to create a more modern look. First, change out your mirror. Go for a new mirror with a brushed nickel frame in either a squared or oval shape. On either side of this, place modern sconces. If your vanity is outdated, paint it and then replace the handles with more modern ones in the same finish as your mirror frame. You can also replace towel bars, sink faucet and the shower/bath faucets for a quick and inexpensive modern update.

Living Room

If you have older furniture that you cannot afford to replace, you can update each couch, loveseat and chair with slipcovers and modern pillows. This actually makes quite a big difference. You can find more modern-looking tables for good prices at big box stores, second-hand stores and flea markets. If these are a little banged up, simply sand them down and then restain or repaint them. Replace your lamps with more modern ones and declutter the room. Modern looks are never cluttered. Simply keep decorative items to a minimum and space them out.


Sometimes creating a modern bedroom that is still comfortable can be a challenge. However, a few simple changes can make a difference. First, simplify your room. Declutter all shelves and tables and make sure nothing but furniture is on the floor. Choose a modern vase and put simple flowers in it in more neutral colors, like pastels or white. Place this on the dresser along with a more modern mirror. Switch out your bedding to a more simple arrangement. For example, a less puffy comforter, more luxurious sheets and fewer decorative pillows. Make sure your window treatments are just simple curtain panels or wooden blinds.

General Modern Changes

Look at your wall color and make sure that every room is a more neutral shade. Neutral colors are the cornerstone of modern design. Keep every room in your home clean and uncluttered. Make sure all furniture is simple and made up of clean lines. Try a consistent color theme throughout your home for a cohesive look and modern feel. If you are able, consider installing wood floors throughout your home and only using area rugs as decorative objects.

About the author: Robert Mansions is a writer for Apartments Management Group. Aside from constantly reviewing Chicago Apartment Rentals, Robert also enjoys keeping up with the real estate market and reading the newspaper.

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