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Vintage homeware design trends for 2013 - Guest blogging

If you love to be a style setter and up to date with the latest trends, then it is important that you get your home in order and prepared to keep up with the latest fashions in 2013. During the London Design Festival, all the top designers take the opportunity to showcase all the latest collections, from this we have brought together all the hot new trends you can implement into your home straight away without blowing your budget.

Retro Plants

It is thought that 2013 is going to be the year of greenery, not only to represent the inspired look of the 1950’s but also to represent the current environment we live in and how we need to be more ‘green’. For the past few years we have seen plenty of plant themed patterns, this has been shown through wallpaper designs, ornaments and even lamps! This year we are expected to see the retro botanical pattern everywhere!

There are many ways you can bring the retro botanical theme into your home; this can be through your wallpaper choice or home ware additions including cushions, curtains, lamps, rugs etc.

Grouped Mirrors

A grouped mirror design is expected to hit everywhere from our homes, restaurants to high street stores. Mirrors have always been a big part of our home as they reflect light across the room, making rooms seem much bigger than they actually are. Go to your local home ware store and pick up a variety of different small mirrors and group them together over your bed or your mantelpiece. Do not try and organise the mirrors too much as when they are grouped oddly and in random spaces it will create the most stylish look.

Wood Effect

Wood is going to be a big hit in 2013, with a place being made for wood all over our homes. Whether you want to introduce solid oak simply into your home or you want to create a big feature out of it, it is all possible.

You can start bringing solid wood into your home in the presence of photo frames, mirrors and chairs. If you want to create a stronger sense of wood, why not buy a gorgeous rustic wooden dining table or coffee table?


Metallic buys have always been big on the high street, but this year brass is going to be a big part of high street stores and our homes. You can implement brass into your home design in many different ways, the most popular proving to be in the forms of candle holders, vases and lamps.

Kerry is an interior designer and loves choosing vintage home ware additions from to keep up with the latest trends.

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