mardi 26 mars 2013

Unusual Fashion Choice Of The 1970's

I was recently reviewing some of my photographs from the 1970’s. The exercise was a useful reminder of how we all dressed in that era and inspired a few fond memories of some of the unusual choices I made for my own clothes. I say unusual because that is how they appear now but at the time they were all the rage. I was clearly heavily influenced by celebrity endorsement before the concept had even been invented!

The Bay City Rollers

For those who are too young to remember, the Bay City Rollers were a pop sensation in the mid 1970’s inspiring hysteria in young girls that was up there with Beetle Mania. Looking back it is hard to see why! At the time I got wrapped up in the whole phenomenon which naturally meant that I had to wear the band’s signature outfit. This consisted of calf length trousers with tartan stripes up the side, a tartan shirt or shirt with tartan trim and a tartan scarf around the wrist. You will have guessed by now that the band members were Scottish! Seeing the fashion as a passing fad (how insightful) my mum made my trousers from an old pair of jeans and some tartan ribbon. What no one at the time seemed to register was that the calf length bell-bottomed trousers were highly unflattering, particularly on women and only served to thicken your waist and make your legs look enormous! It all goes to prove that no matter what it is, if a celebrity is wearing it, people will buy it.


The flares of the 1970’s were another trend which for most would have been best ignored. These trousers and jeans created an unflattering silhouette and flapped around your legs. Another unfortunate side effect was their tendency to drag along the floor and then soak up any and all moisture which would rise inexorably up the legs making it look like you had taken a paddle. Whatever the fashion world dictates that I should be wearing in future years this is one style to which I will not be returning!

Starsky and Hutch

This American cop show was another 1970’s sensation with the principle actors, David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser becoming major sex symbols. These days it is strange to imagine that a cop show could spawn a fashion trend but this iconic show had achieved such stature that this is exactly what happened. Detective David Starsky’s signature cardigan became highly prized and I was the proud owner of a close copy! The cardigan was a chunky garment fashioned from cream Aran wool which featured a dark Mexican motif around the middle and was tied with a belt. It made me look fat which was quite an achievement as I weighed all of 7 stone but I loved that cardigan anyway. I note with interest that people are still looking for Starsky knitting patterns and that one is available on Ravelry, the knitting social network.


It is easy to write off these ridiculous fashions as the result of my impressionable youth but the truth is that people of all ages make the same mistakes. Never mind what suits you or what you actually like, if one of your heroes is wearing it you have to have one. No wonder celebrity endorsement has taken over the world because it really works!

Sally Stacey is a frequent guest blogger and a fashion fan. 

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