mercredi 27 février 2013

Green roofs are in vogue - Guest blogging

Many homeowners are opting for flat roofs in a bid to go green. Gardens on flat roofs are quite popular and Boris Johnson has backed the green move as green living takes over. Green roofs are now in vogue and can be seen across major cities such as New York, Chicago and London. It’s gone so far as some local authorities offering grants to homeowners who want to green roofs on top of their homes.


Some owners have opted for lawns on their residential green roofs and have turned them into the perfect spots to lounge and relax, while others have turned their green roofs into herb and vegetable gardens.

Owners of average-sized family homes are installing flat roofs to accommodate their green living, which also has the added benefit of cutting costs of vegetable shopping and heating bills. DIY enthusiasts have taken to installing their own green roofs based on a handbook and guide provided by the Environmental charity called Groundwork. The guide advises on a few things that you need to consider when installing a green roof.

One of the first considerations is that your flat roof, like all roofing, needs to be at a slight angle, and that it is strong enough to support an additional waterproof membrane as you will be placing soil and plants on it that require watering. Materials for green roofs weight up to a 13 pounds per-square-foot, and it’s best to place anti-slippage grids onto a roof that is quite steep.

Drainage on is a given for green roof systems, so it has to be great as you want to prevent an accumulation of soil and rainwater. Green roofs must always be constructed to effectively drain into a gutter that must stay unclogged. If you’re planning on a herbal or vegetable garden then these points must be taken seriously to avoid damage to the interior of your home.

Many green roof owners build a frame around the roofing edge to prevent slipping of plants and grass. Some owners are now creating green roofs on top of their garages, which is not only a bonus for the owners but also for the neighbours because they now get a green view.

Green roofs create a pleasing ambience and attract birds, and butterflies. It’s like a little green utopia in the midst of a concrete jungle. Green roofs also serve to reduce heating bills as it helps to retain the heat inside your home, as well as providing natural soundproofing.

Many developers are now jumping on the green roof bandwagon and believe the benefits of these roofs far outweigh anything else. With the correct green roofs systems in place there’s no reason why homeowners can’t enjoy their own private herbal, vegetable or yoga garden.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics. Her recent flat roof repairs prompted her husband to suggest a green roof, and Vida loves the idea; particularly because her huge malamutes won't be able to dig up that garden, and she can write in a cool setting.

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