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Retro is The New Contemporary Look - Guest blogging

Interior design can be a complicated prospect and whilst many of us may regard ourselves as self-named interior design experts, in reality it takes a lot of knowledge, training and experience to become a quality interior design specialist.

Similar to the ever-evolving world of fashion, what is 'in' one day in interior design can be 'out' the next. One of the 'safest' things to do is to cultivate a neutral look to your home which can easily be updated with fashionable accessories. At the moment, the most contemporary thing you can do is to travel back in time and here we outline a couple of simple and inexpensive changes you can make to update your home.

Oh that 60's palate

Most people will remember the colours of 60s design and probably not too fondly. Visions of that very particular lime green and orangey brown combination may in fact send you running for the hills although in actual fact this somewhat unforgettable interior design look is back in fashion again.
The difference now is that, instead of whole walls and pieces of furniture being adorned in huge mono block swathes of these colours, we choose them as highlighting accents. This makes it super easy to get the look just by purchasing a few cushions and a lampshade or two. Equally, sixties patterns such as paisley and the wide variety of vintage swirls and flowers are excellent as highlights and you will be amazed at how attractive small pieces in these colours and patterns can be in an otherwise neutral room.

Bring Back the 'Shag'

Moving from the sixties to the seventies, everyone remembers the uniqueness of the shag pile carpet. Most people, if honest with themselves, will even have a tiny pang of nostalgia for that very specific 'comfy feet' feeling that can only be gained by walking barefoot across one.
Sadly, we now know that these are not an ideal covering for a family home so we have been given the next best thing - the shaggy rug. Shaggy rugs give the same luxurious feeling but can be purchased in a variety of sizes so that they are placed appropriately and, vitally, are easy to clean. Pick one up in an accenting colour and be prepared to fight the kids and the dog for a spot on it in the evenings.

Keeping up with current trends need not be time consuming or expensive. Choose just a couple of the right accessories and transform your home into something that could belong in a magazine.

Joan Clements is a budget interior designer who specialises in low costing but dramatic transformations; her particular favourite accessory that she is guaranteed to introduce to every home is a rug from

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